Video Games And Its Effects On Children Essay

1056 Words Mar 17th, 2015 5 Pages
Last year we spent $4.5 billion US dollars alone on video games. And it 's not just your average teenager forking out the cash to play the latest releases on the latest console. No, nowadays it is everyone from your ' little sister playing "Cooking Mama" on her DS to Grandads using their Wii Fit to stay in shape. It is true that video games have become loved widely and heartily, however, worried qualms from both parents and scientific professionals have criticized the games, on the supposed effect they have on the players. It has been thought that video games can make people more prone to violent or antisocial, as well as corrupting the morals of those who play them.. However valid these allegations are, the vast benefits of playing video games have been overlooked. Instead of seeing the educational and developmental advantages that playing video games may have, many people still see them as a lurking force, with the sole goal of corrupting children and adults alike. So since the dawn of the video game, there has been one question on the mouths of all those involved, do the benefits really outway the costs?

While many are extremely worried about the negative aspects of playing video games, they have not stopped to consider the abundance of advantages playing video games may hold for them. A recent study by the University of Rochester gives exceedingly interesting results, showing that games, especially games that put the player into a stressful situation - such as…

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