Video Games : A Violent Video Game Essay

1294 Words Feb 4th, 2016 null Page
Video Games in the genre of violence has been in question since they came around in the late 1970’s. Violent video games are seen as low culture due to the fact that they go against typical morals especially since a large number of the players are children. There is a strong stigma about violent video games that say they transfer aggression and violence to children and adults who play them. I have play the violent video game Halo with three different individuals while also asking them questions regarding the meanings of violent video games in our culture, the following paper will discuss the analysis and the meanings that are discovered.
The participates was made up of two females and a male who were all born and raised in Saskatchewan, all participates are in their twenties. The analysis included me playing the violent video game Halo alone with each participate, after we were done playing for 10 minutes or more I asked a number of questions so that I could open up a dialogue about violent video games. Myself and the participate were the only ones in the room when the game was played and when the dialogue took place with each individual. I acquired verbal consent from the three participates and guaranteed them I would keep their identity confidential. I did not ask the participates any demographic questions because I personally know all the participates and know basic information about each individual. Involvement in the interview and playing of Halo was…

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