Bleak House Character Analysis

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As evident from any Dickensian novel the leading female character portrays Victorian morality of womanhood. It has been no surprise that main protagonist Esther Summerson in Bleak House portrays ideal household lady in old England as someone full of compassion, motherly love, self-effacing combining unceasing flow of spirits, extreme activity and diligence, her punctuality, uprightness and remarkable frugality that distinguishes her from her mother, Lady Deadlock who epitomize the vanity of era but all seem to in ruins as the novel progress and by way of contrast she became revealed as heartbroken passionate woman. Her quest for adventure and pleasure at younger age brought her shame: she bore a child out of wedlock from Captain Hawdon. One of the greatest novelist of the 19th century, …show more content…
Immense amounts of raw sewage were dumped straight into the Thames River. Dickens was an eager observer of the society and like Honoré de Balzac, who depicted human comedy of Paris, this English gentleman carefully animated and sketched daily lives of London, its agony, melancholy and the people inhabit on it. He portrayed human suffering in Oliver Twist, Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations and his own anguish in a semi-autobiographical novel David Copperfield. Presumably we can see most of the female major female characters in Dickens’s novel are mother figure as a result, they possess all motherly love; caring, passionate, angel of the house. When there were no universal suffrage for women, lack of proper higher education facility and he always preferred women to stay at home and do household duty; it is very contrary of 20th century feminism but as a result Charles Dickens cannot be stigmatized as a misogynist. Female characters of Shakespearean dramas are often fragile and they lack the courage to perform duty as women rather than they disguise themselves in man’s

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