Victoria Secret Advertising Analysis

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The Ugly Truth Behind Victoria’s Secret Advertisements Victoria’s Secret is a well-known fashion brand for women across the nation. Although they primarily sell clothing and lingerie, they’re actually selling something much more complex. They’re selling what they want their female audience to believe is the ultimate feminine image. They define felinity in many ways. They strive to convey their female customers that they should live a rich lifestyle. By doing so, they convince their customers that they are buying an ideal lifestyle rather than just the product itself. Twitchell author of “But First, a word from our Sponsor” states, “What is clear is that most things in and of themselves simply do not mean enough. In fact, what we crave may …show more content…
They encourage a new ideal type of feminine image. In this advertisement they use many props to convey their ideal idea of a female. For example, the most obvious is the pineapple that the model is posing with. Posing with a pineapple on a beach is unrealistic and unheard of. They do this to show how “fun” and carefree the model is. Although it is odd, they’re showing their customers that she is holding the pineapple like that just because she can. She is living the luxury lifestyle that they believe all women should aim to live. In this advertisement they want her to look like she doesn’t have anything else to worry about besides takings a picture like this with a pineapple. They want their audience to think this because it shows that she is rich enough to not have any real world worries such as, working. Secondly, they have the model’s leg set in a prickly plant. In the real world, if you were to sit with your leg in one of these prickly plants it would be very painful and the model would not be smiling while it was happening. No average female would be sitting with her leg set in a prickly plant just to get a picture. Plus, they have the model sitting in an awkward tent made out of what looks to be old and beat up sheets that are somewhat falling down. They use all of these props to make their audience think that because she is wearing a Victoria’s Secret bikini she is happy and careless about what is going on around her just because she can be. They use this idea to create an ideal lifestyle image for their female

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