Hitchcock's Use Of Narrative Techniques In Vertigo And Bicycle Thieves

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From the films we watched this semester Vertigo and Bicycle Thieves

Vertigo somehow seems to transcend these concerns and instead offers a compelling psycho-drama that has complex layers of meaning and employs carefully crafted film language to present a narrative that aligns the audience so completely with the protagonist.Perhaps the simplest application of this idea is to suggest that Scottie represents us, the audience, the spectator and the constructed version of Madeleine represents the cinematic image. The scenes which see ‘Madeleine’ viewing the painting of Carlotta, with Scottie watching from the shadows provide a visual representation of this idea.

Vertigo is frequently mentioned as Hitchcock's great classic film. It is, arguably,
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And again at the midpoint of the film he gets another opportunity to save someone else again he fails not being able to save madeline something he failed to do in the past. He is presented with another opportunity, an opportunity to save Judy as she falls from the bell tower, and he fails again and it breaks down into a psychological breakdown, therefore, the circle looks to not be complete instead, the spiral just continues and we the audience can assume that he has fallen to the psychological wisdom of his pain and loss. I think this was a good movie I enjoyed watching it I liked how they used the vertigo camera effects causing the audience to imagine the same feelings we should understand the character must have. I also liked how you could see the director in the film in one of the scenes. That usually doesn't happen in a lot of films. I also liked how he uses suspense in his films. It's a thought-provoking movie because it raises many questions that a person has to look for answers …show more content…
The elderly man refutes that he is involved in the theft of his bike and he denies to provide Ricci with any information lying to him and not providing the information Ricci needed. What was surprising is that if one is going to a church, then that person is seeking to become a better person, increasing in being honest and helping others. But this is completely opposed to this elderly man’s nature as he lies to Ricci and provides him nothing that will help Ricci in finding his

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