Essay on Verbal And Non Verbal Communication

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In an A&E department it is important to communicate with one another. Effective communication is when you pass a message or a piece of information to someone in clear and concise language, the speaker and the listener should understand what has been said. Important things to consider before communicating with someone is to know your audience and being able to use formal and informal language to get the message across, speaking in a friendly tone trying to build a relationship. Understanding their situation and responding properly, not using any slang or jargon because effective communication should be clearly understandable.

There are two types of communication; Verbal and non-verbal communication. Verbal is when you speak to another person to pass on the message. But non-verbal is different as it does not require talking it 's just simply the body language that shows whether they are interested in taking part in a conversation. Verbal communication is when you use words to explain and persuade someone.Both Verbal and non-verbal communication is vital because it 's to share information, build friendship, to get help and advice from someone. For example, in A&E department verbal communication is very useful because talking to the patient who is recovering from a stroke.It is important to give them your full attention and try to avoid any background distractions. Try to speak clearly at a normal volume. Giving hope and care to patients will make them feel safe. On the…

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