Essay about Verbal And Non Verbal Communication

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Non-verbal communication is a meaningful part of our world. In our society, we have come to accept our non-verbal communication rules as normal and accepted by most. I began to wonder what would happen when breaking a non-verbal communication rule because so many people are used to the non-verbal communication rules in society, thus some people might get upset or react. First, I was curious to see what happens when you break a non-verbal communication rule because people are used to the non-verbal rules that are accepted in society. When initially thinking about what non-verbal communication rule I would break, I wanted to use one that wouldn’t bring too much attention to myself. I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and since I live in New York City I could go places to try breaking a rule that I wouldn’t have to go back to for a while. The non-verbal communication rule that I broke was standing in front of a line to pay for something when there was a line of people already waiting. I broke the rule by simply bringing an item up to the register without waiting while there were other people in line. I just pretended not to notice that other people had already formed a line. I did this at two different clothing stores. The first time, the person I cut in front of didn’t say anything, but I heard the person behind her say I think that person just cut you. Instead of explaining the assignment I was working on, I just apologized and said I didn’t see the line and…

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