Essay about Verbal And Non Verbal Communication

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Verbal and non-verbal communication allows a teacher to effectively communicate with students, maintain classroom management, address appropriate behaviors and expectations, and provide and safe and respectful classroom environment. Verbal communication consists of what a teacher or student says out loud. This includes a teacher directly interacting with her students by verbalizing information through teacher-student communication. When the class is being loud or disruptive, the teacher can talk to the class as a whole to be quiet or redirect their attention. When it a specific student needs to be talked to, the teacher can have one-on-one communication with the student before, during, or after class. Teachers can also ask questions, provide instruction and feedback, establish rules, and maintain a positive classroom environment.
Students can also verbally initiate communication in class through student-teacher and student-student experience. They can engage in classroom discussions, ask questions, and provide reasoning and answers. They can also have debates or work collectively on a topic or project. Verbal communication is effective at giving students a voice and allowing them to communicate their ideas, feelings, or concerns.
Nonverbal communication involves sending signals and cues to effectively acknowledge a situation or behavior without speaking. One type of nonverbal communication is the use of body language. The way a person displays their body suggests what…

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