Case Study: Technology In Special Education

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chnology: Access for All Student: Chapter Six Reflective Paper
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Technology in Special Education
1. According to Beard, Carpenter, and Johnson (2011), ”Communication occurs through seeing, hearing, speaking, reading, writing, signing, and gesturing” (p. 110). Because communication typically involves at least two individuals, the ability to send and receive messages is crucial. Without the ability to communicate effectively, a student would be unable to meet the demands that a general education curriculum will have. Thus, it is important to know the difference between typically developing language skills and language deficits.
2. According to Beard, Carpenter, and Johnson (2011), ”The rules governing language may differ across
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According to Beard, Carpenter, and Johnson (2011), ”One of the greatest teaching opportunities and challenges is experienced by teachers who are working with students who have both severe speech-language impairments and physical disabilities” (p. 114). When a teacher is dealing with a student who has both a speech-language impairment and a physical disability for many reasons. If a student cannot communicate efficiently their needs might go unmet, which will affect how they are feeling. This will also affect their interactions with the environment, which means their learning abilities are compromised along with their social interactions. Finding ways to help these students communicate is imparitive to their learning and daily …show more content…
According to Beard, Carpenter, and Johnson (2011), ”The goal is to produce the most effective device to aid the student in accessing the general education curriculum and being a successful learner” (p. 116). This goal can be met in many different ways though AT of varying levels. A no-tech approach would be if the student is able to communicate his wants and need, such as with the nod or shake of his head, he would not need any further assistance. A light-tech device might also be used and this could simply be printing out the choices for the students, like pictures of what is for lunch today. A high-tech approach would be a device that needs electricity but still easily used, like a text-to-speech device so students can tell you what they

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