Oral And Non-Verbal Communication

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Through out my English classes in high school, I lacked the confidence in my writings and group projects. In my written projects, I would dread peer review due to being scared that my classmates would judge my writing. I also would view every critique they gave as insulting me instead of trying to help me better communicate my ideas in my paper. During peer review sessions, I would be so wrapped up in the idea that my peers did not like aspects of my paper, that I would ignore the positive feedback they gave me. This lack of confidence in my writings also were evident in oral presentations and projects. I would avoid making eye contact when speaking and I would talk as fast as I could in order to be done with my part of the presentation.
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Throughout high school, I knew my projects were to the best of my ability and there were something to be proud of, but once I started to present my ideas, my nonverbal communication would suggest that I was not proud of my work. I addressed this very issue in my first artifact for the class. I took the artifact as an opportunity to address to my instructor my goal for the semester and to create a video that would serve as a starting place for my continued improvement in oral and non-verbal communication. The artifact allowed for me to determine the root of my fear of presenting and address the things I hoped to improve through out the class, such as using filler words, such as “um”, “uh”, and “like”. Due to the project being due the first few weeks of school, I was able to document my oral and non-verbal communication before I started my road towards improvement. It would be able to serve as a mode of reflection towards the end of the semester in order to judge how far I had improved and grown in …show more content…
Although I had become more and more confident with my previous written texts, this project forced me to face my fears of speaking in front of the class. When I first noticed the group presentation on the syllabus during the first week of school, I had anxiously counted the days, not realizing that with each day my confidence in my writing grew and with it my ability to orally communicate my ideas in daily class discussions. I began the project by listing out the goals I hoped to accomplish. I knew that I wanted to make sure that maintained eye contact with the audience and to refrain from relying on the filler words I highlighted in artifact 0. I also knew that in order to ease my nervousness, I needed to write a script outlining exactly what I wanted to say in order to communicate my part of the presentation. Although the other members of my group did not use a script, I knew through practice that this was the best method for me in order to do well during the presentation. I was able to communicate with my group members during the presentation in order for them tor review what I was going to say and give advice. Our group was drawn out of a hat to go first and I was the first person to speak in our group. As I went up to present, I noticed that I was not the same communicator as in high school. I suddenly felt confidence in my ability to express my ideas, and I

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