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Brandon Floyd
Professor Lee
DRAM 2366
December 4, 2016
Director Comparative Analysis When looking for a director I started by searching for one that did the genre that I love so much. This genre being comedy and while searching I came across a director by the name of Tom Shadyac. He is a director known for his comedic films and collaborations with Jim Carrey and Eddie Murphey. The Three films I choose by him were “The Nutty Professor”, “Ace Ventura: The Pet Detective”, and “Bruce All Mighty”. All three of these films come from the same origin of comedy with a main character being multiple people in the movie or just simply being in multiple places. The main character is always involved in every conflict some kind of way. In his films I noticed he loves to dress the main character up in multiple costumes and portray him in many different ways rather it be to trick characters in the movie or to make the audience think that it’s an actual different character. For example in Ace Ventura, the main character being a pet detective who tried to save abused or uncared for animals, was dressed as a delivery guy in the very first scene to in fact distract who he was delivering the package to in order to secretly rescue the mistreated dog. In “Bruce Almighty”, to himself he was portrayed as a God and had these special powers and he noticed them
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He also works with some of the greatest actors to ever do it. I think him being ranked #67 in the worldwide aggregate box office numbers with only directing seven films is pretty good. With a gross amount of $1,574,578,772 in sales I’d say he’s still filthy rich. He works particularly in comedy film with him being a comedian himself. I think they types of story’s he likes to write are main character based films meaning the conflict will mostly be within the main character

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