Vassily Kandinsky 's Theory And The Father Of Abstract Art Essay

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Vassily Kandinsky was a Russian painter, writer, teacher, art theorist and the father of abstract art. Being a trained musician, he used music in his approach to color which he made sing from the canvas. A major turning point in his style of art came after he viewed Claude Monet’s “Haystack at Giverny” at a Moscow exhibition. Over the years he perfected his style of abstract art. He inspired other artists, wrote books on his theories, worked with museums, and ballet’s, experienced his work at exhibitions, and started and belonged to various societies. He was said to have a balanced, self-controlled, and poised personality. He was reserved, but full of compassion, had a sense of humor, and an avid listener. Through good and difficult times he continually improved and altered his style and painting process, and turned the art world upside down. We will see the highlights of his life, his loves, his passions, and most importantly his art. Kandinsky was born in Moscow on December 4, 1866, to Lidia Ticheeva and Vasily Silverstrovich Kandinsky, a successful tea merchant. His childhood was spent in the wonder of Moscow and Odessa. After his parents divorced, Vassily stayed with his father. While in Odessa, he learned to play the piano and cello, as well as, art and writing, but his summers were spent in Moscow. His German Aunt Elisabeth, his caretaker after the divorce, filled his head with fairy tales and their colorful world, which can be seen in his early art. At a…

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