Essay about Value Chain Analysis : Wal Mart

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Value Chain Analysis

Primary Activities:


Wal-Mart comprises of a massive network of 166 distribution centers all over the United States. Roughly 81% of all products are shipped through these distribution centers. These distribution centers are designated depending on the type of merchandise that will be delivered and distributed from each facility type. (MWPVL International) Wal-Mart also maintains a large quantity of corporate owned fleet vehicles along with professionally skilled drivers in order to secure an advantage in delivery services. Merchandise is consistently and efficiently being moved from distribution center to retail store on a daily basis. With the maximization of vehicle capacity along with careful planning of routes, fuel and mileage is being saved while time management is being utilized. This efficiency has saved millions of miles along with over 15,000 metric tons of carbon emissions, all the while ensuring product is delivered in a timely manner for customer satisfaction. (Wal-Mart)

Low Price Guarantee:

Wal-Mart has cornered the market on promising the lowest cost products available to the consumer. As a retailer who values their customer’s time and resources, Wal-Mart has developed different ways to provide the customer with various cost saving techniques. They have focused on avenues outside of the typical sales and advertising arena. Wal-Mart offers a price matching program that will honor all…

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