Valley Metro Case Study

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I took a slightly different approach and decided to evaluate Valley Metro’s bus system. I choose the public transportation because I use it on a regular basis and have become very familiar with the way operate and I had easy access to it. Every since the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the Federal Rehabilitation Act passed in 1973 Valley Metro has been dedicated to provide a transportation service that is contented and suitable for everyone. Valley Metro buses comply with the ADA requirements and are accessible to people with disabilities. For starters, disabled individuals pay half price and all Valley Metro buses have at least two doors with bars, so individuals with disabilities can have multiple entrances and potential pull themselves up unto the bus if needed. They …show more content…
This spectacular public transportation company hasn’t forgotten about the people with disabilities that are unable to independently use the bus. Furthermore, Valley Metro has abided with the ADA criteria and has provided a service called Dial-a-Ride, which picks up and them drops off at any location they desire during service hours ( Valley Metro has really taken the initiative to service inclusive communities and be conscientious to every riders needs because they developed good universal design decisions that benefit all people of all abilities (Universal Design, P. 9) In my opinion, Valley Metro has achieved the universal design being that, barriers were eliminated through the design phase and now their forms of transportation is accessible to the broadest range of people throughout diverse life spans ( Universal Design, P. 3). I think it is so simple to disregard people that aren’t in the same predicament or lifestyle as we are in, but when we included people with disabilities we strengthen the community. This assignment has really broadened my prospective on the disabled community and has helped me eliminate the negative stigma attached to the word

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