Valiram Group (Luxury Venture) Essay

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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Company Background:
External Analysis
3.1 Technological Factors:
3.2 Legal Factors:
3.3 Economic Factors:
3.4 Social Factor:
5 Force of Analysis
4.1 Threat of new entrants:
4.2 Threat of substitutes:
4.3 Suppliers:
4.4 Customers:
4.5 Intensity of rivalry:
Internal Environment Analysis:
SWOT Analysis:
Reference List: 

Valiram Group (Luxury Venture)
My scope of this essay is to let you know more about this company. What they are doing and how they operate as a team.
Company Background:
The Valiram Group was established in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1935, originally specializing in the textile
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Force of Analysis

4.1 Threat of new entrants:
To get into marketing industry is not challenging about tangible sources required: with enough cash availability or standard bank credit, it is possible to create a number of stores. However, more than the creating itself and the infrastructures, it is necessary to create a system among providers in order to be able to offer items at low costs and to create potential customers conscious of the new player. This represents the greatest barrier to accessibility. This can create a highly effective barrier for new newbie because they are not engaged in these contracts; therefore, their buy costs are higher. If a potential candidate wants to be a part of the group, it has to give advantages to other affiliates at least just like the business they will lose: this is hardly possible. Limitations to accessibility are exclusive industry features that determine the industry. Limitations decrease the amount of accessibility of new organizations, thus keeping a level of earnings for those already dealing within the industry from an ideal perspective barrier can be designed the way to improve a company's aggressive advantages.
4.2 Threat of substitutes:
Products cost flexibility is affected as more alternative items become available the need becomes more flexible since customers have more solutions. Close alternative items

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