Essay about Validity Of Changing Education Paradigms

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Validity of “Changing Education Paradigms”
For decades our public school system have taken on the same schedule, day in and day out; and some schools may be accommodating hundreds if not thousands of kids. Most of them arrive to school in the morning, shuttle off to morning class, go to lunch, back to class until school’s out, then it’s time to go home. Unless someone is educating them after school or assisting them with schoolwork, I would bet they are playing with their friends, video games, or wreaking havoc on the neighborhood. For a better look into the public school systems, Sir Ken Robinson demonstrates knowledge of educational reform, problems within an institutionalized system, and his own solution.
Sir Ken Robinson lectures within “Changing Education Paradigms,” brings forth the history of education, the difficulties between education and economics, and offers a solution towards changing institutionalized education. According to Robinson, every country is reforming their public school system in order to accommodate their own culture, economy, and globalization (Robinson).” Robinson states the “problem is, they’re trying to meet the future by doing what they did in the past,” the current system is not working in order to educate everyone effectively (Robinson). Robinson explains the public school system was created “in the interests of industrialism and in the image of it.” Furthermore in the text, he goes on to indicate how kids are batched by age instead of…

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