Vaccines Essay examples

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Nothing is more heartbreaking than a young life that has been taken by the infection of a killer disease. It’s a painful thought to know that person never got to live to see their full potential. Diseases kill children every year. Many diseases are bacteria, inhaled by the victim, infecting several areas of the body. The bacteria lives and grows while its victim dies. Other diseases are caused by viruses; a non-living infection that attacks the immune system and other living cells. Children are much more vulnerable to disease because of their weak immune systems. They’re weak because they haven’t lived life long enough to build immunities for such infections. So how would children protect themselves? Simple, vaccinations. However, in …show more content…
In children alone, there are over 200 deaths per year from just ear infections alone.
200 deaths per year might not seem like very much, but these are lives of infants and children under the age of five. The reason the number isn’t any higher is because of mandatory immunizations that have stopped the spread of disease significantly. If this shot wasn’t mandatory, children would go to school sneezing and coughing on each other, which would result in an increased chance of infection. The bacteria and virus diseases spread like wildfire; it’s airborne and can be inhaled by any child, and just like that it has claimed another life. Since the United States took the initiative to make vaccines in pediatrics mandatory, many diseases haven’t been able to create the next black plague.
Whether good medicine is for the better of the people or not, there’s always going to be opposing viewpoints. One popular argument that arises when debating whether vaccines should be mandatory or not, is that vaccines are against the people’s religion. They say that the vaccines are “unnatural” and do not follow their families religious remedies. Such arguments create quite the conflict because of our rights given to American citizens under the first amendment. Well, what happens then? Families will request exemptions for their children from mandatory school

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