Vaccines : The Proud Parents Of An Adorable Baby Boy Essay

1126 Words May 4th, 2016 null Page
A couple become the proud parents of an adorable baby boy. After reading an article online suggesting that vaccines contain harmful chemicals and can lead to the development of autism, they decide to refuse their newborn’s immunisations. As the years pass, their child continues to grow at a natural, healthy rate, and the parents continue to ignore the immunisation schedule given to them by the paediatrician. One day, the child cuts his foot. Within days, the child is hospitalised with excruciating cramps consuming his entire body. The cause – tetanus. Fortunately, seeing their child in such a condition, the parents agree for their child to receive a tetanus vaccine, and he survives (Emma Wynne, ABC Perth, 2013). As intelligent humans, no doubt you are left wondering: if given the opportunity to prevent a problem before it even begins, why not take it? Ill-researched information regarding vaccines spreads like a disease, and more effortlessly thanks to the internet, infecting the minds of those not educated enough to understand the benefits vaccines have to us as individuals and as a community. My name is Gemma Pace, and today, with a tsunami of evidence, I will convince you that vaccinations should be compulsory.
There are many arguments in favour of vaccination. Firstly, vaccinations provide protection from serious diseases. Secondly, if everyone is vaccinated, diseases cannot spread. Thirdly, if everyone is vaccinated, those who are unable to receive vaccinations are also…

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