Vaccines And Vaccines : Vaccine Effectiveness And Side Effects By Vaccines

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Data and Facts
There is a vast amount of research done on vaccines and there is still much to come. One of the most common threads in research for vaccines are vaccine effectiveness and side effects caused by vaccines. The reasons for this is mostly because despite there being proof verifying vaccine’s effectiveness, many people still have doubts about vaccinations. Some people think vaccines cause disastrous side effects. Others believe that vaccines are unnecessary and unreliable.
Many of these concerns are continuously studied to reduce peoples’ wariness of vaccines. One research topic has been the connection between autism and vaccines. While there was one study that did indeed prove, there was a connection between them, the study was proven to be unreliable because it presented false evidence (Rao 2011). Many other reliable studies have shown that there is no connection between autism and vaccines.
Once we get more specific with research specifically on vaccines in developing countries, we find that many of the studies are on the cost efficiency for vaccines and how to spread vaccines throughout developing countries. It is known that vaccines have historically been cheaper for developing countries, but recently prices have risen. This is caused by vaccine vendors not being able to sell the same vaccine to both developing and developed countries as there is now a difference in for certain vaccines. (World Health Organization)
According to “Vaccinology: past…

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