Vaccines And The Immune System Essay examples

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Were you vaccinated as a child? If you have children, did you choose to vaccinate them? If yes, why? Although it sounds like a very easy question to answer but because of misinformation about vaccinations many people are no longer staying up to date on them or are choosing to opt out completely for themselves and their children.
Understanding the way the immune system works to cause immunity to certain diseases is crucial in understanding how and why vaccinations work. Active, natural immunity occurs when a foreign invader, such as a specific organism that can cause the flu, chicken pox, measles, and other diseases enter the human body causing the immune system to begin producing antibodies to destroy it. This is known as an immune response. Since the immune system must produce disease-specific antibodies to fight the organism, it is unable to destroy it quick enough to prevent a person from feeling the effects of the disease, such as the rash and itchiness caused by the chicken pox virus. Fortunately, the immune system will remember exactly how to make the disease-specific antibody capable of destroying the organism if it ever re-enters the body. It will be destroyed before the person feels any effects of the disease for a second time. For example, this explains why a person can only get the chicken pox one time (Centers).
Vaccines work by injecting a weakened, minuscule amount of the disease-causing organism into the human body. The immune system does not recognize that…

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