Vaccine Protects People And Prevent Against Serious Life Threatening Disease

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Vaccine protects people and prevent against serious life threatening disease. Vaccine is powerful medicinal inventions we have today. Every individual is vaccinated with different types of vaccine from their childhood. It’s been part of our life and has lived with us from past many years ever since then. Vaccines are made from the same antigens that results in disease but are killed or inactive form of antigen. The main concept of vaccination is to treat disease in healthy human before actual disease hit the body. Regardless of the benefit vaccines are always in controversies in context of its safety. In fact People are not willing to receive a treatment before even getting sick. Swine flu vaccine was available to general population in 2009 for infection and death caused by the H1N1 pandemic virus strain. According to WHO (world health organization) from April 2009 to March 2010 there were 15, 000 deaths reported across 212 countries. According to the recent study based on the criticism of vaccine’s safety with consideration of the swine flu vaccine in 2009, resulted in better understanding of the antivaccine movement. 1 The movement that took over for safety controversies regarding swine flu vaccines in France. Antivaccine Movements are executed by anti-vaccine groups formed of activists, companies, bloggers, non-profit organization political and social firms etc. Today, vaccines are looked upon with different perspective by the people with heterogeneity.…

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