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Veterans, Dependants, National Guard Members & Reservists

Guide to receiving your GI Bill benefits while attending WGU

What steps do I need to take to be certified to receive my MGIB benefits?

➢ Decide which program you wish to enter and verify that it is approved with the Utah State Approving Agency and the VA. Refer to the list of approved programs on the WGU website. Select the Tuition & Financial Aid tab on the WGU home page and the VA & Military section in the drop down list.

➢ Complete and submit to the VA an “Application for VA Education Benefits” (Form 22-1990) OR if you have received benefits before, a ”Request for Change of Program” (Form 22-1995) Chapter 35 students should fill out Form
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➢ Chapters 30, 32, 35 and 1607 students should submit a Certificate of Eligibility to the VA Specialist. The Certificate of Eligibility is sent to you as a result of your submission of Form 22-1990 and provides Chapter, months of entitlement and delimiting date. You may or may not receive an updated Certificate of Eligibility when you submit Form 22-1995.

➢ Chapter 1606 students should submit their Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE). This document can be obtained by your section leader.

➢ If you are eligible for a ‘kicker’ (sometimes called a ‘College Fund’) please contact the VA and confirm that they received a copy of the kicker contract.

When will I begin receiving my benefits?

WGU’s VA Specialist / Certifying Official sends in the Enrollment Certification to the VA after you have completed an academic action plan (AAP) with your mentor. This takes place the 2nd or 3rd week of your start month. The VA will back pay you from the date you began your studies at WGU. Processing time varies, but on the average, Electronic Funds Transfers are issued to you from the VA within three weeks from the date certified and manual checks are issued within four-six weeks from the date certified.

WGU’s VA Specialist / Certifying Official sends in the number of units you and your mentor agree upon

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