Utilitarianism In Dirty Pretty Things By Stephen Frears

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Dirty Pretty Things
Stephen Frears’s 2002 contemporary film, Dirty Pretty Things , is a synopsis revolving around malevolent black market practices, prostitution, and the struggles of immigration. These negative factors are all feats that the main character Okwe, a immigrant doctor from Nigeria, faces living in London, England. The audience meets Okwe at the beginning of the movie, working at a hotel front desk at night and a taxi driver during the day. To compliment Okwe’s character are, Senay, a Turkish Muslim immigrant who also works at the hotel as a cleaner and, Juliette, a magnanimous prostitute who often visits the hotel. The start of the film quickly intensifies when Okwe unplugs a toilet and discovers a human heart and unearths the
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This includes the term, utilitarianism, defined as the following, “the morally right action is the one that produces the most favorable balance of good over evil, everyone considered. That is the right action that maximizes the good better than any alternative action” (Vaughn 81). All sex is morally permissible when both parties have given consent. In the film, unlike Senay, Juliette participates in sexual intercourse that is permissible to both parties while also helping her become financially stable. Prostitution has only affected Juliette and her johns in a positive way which adds justification to her career choice; unlike the action of rape that cannot be justified or add any balance of positivity to either party no matter the intentions of the rapist. When prostitutes sell their bodies it is based on their will to do what he/she wants to do with their body. Therefore, it is morally permissible for Juliette to be a prostitute and is also justified by the concept of ethical egoism: the view that the morally right action is the action that advances one’s own best interests (Vaughn …show more content…
These premises are validated by moral philosophies such as taking terms like non-consequentialist and consequentialist to add context to the scenes of the movie. They further verify the differences between why certain actions are inherently evil no matter the intentions for instance Ivans sexual manipulations over Senay. While other actions serve only the best interests while causing more good than bad like why Juliette being a prostitute is a bad thing. Faced with these many of these moral conflicts Okwe is an active medium of cultural relativism; defining and supporting what is morally permissible and what is intolerable in the society he

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