Using The Above Information Provided By Foster 's Book, The Process Of Two Different Manufacturers

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Using the above information provided by Foster’s Book, the process of two different manufacturers. Even though the end product is different the difference in efficiency is great. The names of the companies will not be disclosed and the one which was described through interview will be referred to as Firm A and the one seen through personal experience will be Firm B. After initially discussing the shortcomings of quality in Firm A and what Firm B does better than the differences will be explained and what impact it has and the possible issues it may cause.
The lack of quality in Firm A led to Inefficiency, waste, and complacency. All the issues have been noted by the acquaintance for a few months and the management has not taken steps to remedy them. A lack of quality is at all ends, not just one. The Primary method of production is a problem in itself. Batch and Queue is used, and even when used effectively, it is still slow. When testing up to four or five dozen parts and each set comes in dozens or half-dozens as him being required to wait until all the slots in what they use to test. Often this method creates bottlenecks when on process takes longer than another. This is not surprising due to the lack of process awareness according to him. “Failures and defects like clockwork,” he remarked. He then added, “Although you want a process under control if something is this consistent and not addressed it is counter-productive.” He listed some issues he has seen often:…

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