Using My Self Monitoring Forms With My First Period Class Essay

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This week was the first trial of not using my self-monitoring forms with my first period class. The behavior problems overall stayed low. However, I still continue to struggle with the same student in that class, and it seems to be getting worse, not better. This week he was absent two days, and two days he was removed from the class. The days he came I struggled getting him to take off his headphones and put his cellphone away, which happened to be during a quiz. The assistant principal ended up being called and he was removed from the room. This is isn’t really how I would have handled it personally. I asked my teacher for help when he was not responding to me hoping she would talk to him because she has a better rapport with the student. However, she called the AP and he was removed from the class over a cell phone issue. My teacher had said something about he had been given too many chances to make the right decision in that case. The next day, he came in and refused to do any work as usual. At the end of the lesson, he started wandering around the room and began agitating another student. This student came back at him and it caused a physical fight. My teacher had to help me break it up since I am “no hands on” in this type of situation and the student was removed from the room. Finally, when he came back on Friday he was completely lost and I tried to help him catch up. Eventually, I had him sit outside with my teacher to help him catch up, while I played a review game…

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