Using Facebook For Getting Lots Of Friends, Confidence, And How She Uses Facebook

1032 Words Oct 19th, 2015 null Page
For today’s society, more people go online to connect via a social networking site than to outside chat with each other. We always share photos and videos and posting stuff, people tend to do this within a social networking site these days. So social networking site is very important for everyone. The person I will describe is my friend. She is a mixed-blood. Her mother is a German, and her father is a Chinese. Her name is Lilia Wang. Frist time I met her in chemistry class. She had the fine features, and symmetry of the figure. This essay will analyze how Lilia uses Facebook for getting lots of friends, confidence, and how she uses Facebook attract people pay attention her life. Facebook, the social networking site Zuckerberg founded while he was a sophomore at Harvard in 2004. Originally meant only for Harvard students, the popular social networking site quickly spread to the rest of the lives and other colleges across the nation. But now Facebook is open to the community and is it free. We can use Facebook to add your friends, parents, teachers, classmates and we can add friend’s friends. And anytime, anywhere you can post your pictures, and videos. All you friends can comment your stuff or click like. Also, people can see my personal information such as name, age, gender, hobbit, and belief etc. And people can use Facebook’s Messenger to connect to each other. Especially, teenager and twenties have chosen Facebook for many reasons such as connecting with their friends,…

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