Using Eyes And Hands Can Interfere With Driving An Automobile

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There are numerous studies on how interactions using eyes and hands can interfere with driving an automobile. However, there is no enough research on how cognitive distractions can interfere and cause unsafe driving abilities. According to the research article by Strayer, Turrill, Cooper, Medieros-Ward, & Biondi (2015) his main objective was to establish a systematic framework for measuring and understanding cognitive distractions in an automobile. As stated in this article assessing cognitive distraction compared to those distractions of manipulation or interacting visually is much harder to measure. Cognitive measurements come from brain waves rather than something easily seen or heard. Strayer et al. (2015) reported that any type of driver distraction is increasingly recognized as a significant source of injuries and fatalities on the highway.
Relevant research was reported within this article to give a mental picture of how much harm distractions can portray. “The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimated that inattention accounted for 25% of all police-reported crashes. But, more recent research recorded from the 100- car Naturalistic Driving Study showed inattention was a factor of 78% of all crashes and near crashes.” (Strayer et al., 2015). What scenarios are causing distractions, is a question one may wonder. There are a variety of phenomenon whether it be fatigue, driving related distractions such as listening to the radio, talking on a cell…

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