Using Close Reading Strategies Affect The Reading Performance For High School Students

1464 Words Oct 2nd, 2016 6 Pages
Supporting students who struggle with reading on the secondary level is an area that is often overlooked. It is assumed that if a child has broken the barrier into his/her secondary level of education they are on a clear path to college. However, recent research shows that students entering their first year of college are faced with taking remedial reading courses and cannot meet the demands of college level reading. The purpose of this literature review undertake the challenge of investigating the question: How can the use of close reading strategies affect the reading performance for high school students? The emphasis of this research will focus on current reading interventions used to support high school struggling readers. Most importantly, it will synthesize the effectiveness of close reading interventions in the high school classroom. Supporting the high school struggling reader has recently sparked a great deal of conversation and research. The idea that reading interventions are not beneficial for high school students is no longer the case. Actually, researchers are creating intervention programs with the belief those interventions that target reading comprehension benefits older students with reading difficulties. This current shift in mindset comes at a time when simply talks about “closing the achievement gap” are not enough to propel older students through college. According to NAEP (National Assessment of Education Progress), “In 2015,…

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