Using A Zoho Email Account Essay

830 Words May 17th, 2016 4 Pages
Using a Zoho email account is a very generic process almost no different than other email service available out there. I began with creating a Zoho account which can be done directly from Zoho advertises itself as an “operating system for your business”, and they do truly have some good email tools that can be used for marketing. They have several different suites of accounts, you can have business accounts that you pay a subscription for and buy in bulk (like more than one account at once). Or you can have a personal account which is free but has more limited features. Some applications of email features and business function features (like invoicing software) can be purchased separately or in a business package. The account I created was a personal free account as instructed. Creating the account is very generic. It is almost like any other email service provider out there. You go to the website you click on create a personal free account and you enter your desired email name and password along with your first and last name. One major difference was noticeable however. The difference is the fact that another email is required in order to setup a Zoho account. I tried creating a Zoho email without giving them another email however it was no possible. When I did give them an alternate email address they emailed me a link in order to confirm my account. However before I did confirm my account I did run into a little problem in the form of sending an email…

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