Use Of Wind Energy Through Wind Turbines Essay

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Orukomenur Oghenekevwe Dorothy

It is time for humans to consider their wellbeing and make the survival of our species a priority, on the ground that human existence is being threatened by the pollution from greenhouse gases. The discharged of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere increase the temperature, which could result in dehydration, cancer, and global warming etc. Green house emission can be reduced by the use of wind turbines, which gets its energy from the wind. It is clean, cost-effective and reliable, but some people oppose it. Wind is a clean source of energy that does not pollute the air compared to fossil fuels usage, which could lead to emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The use of wind energy through wind turbines is a safer method of getting clean and safe energy, as it reduces the effects of global warming by substituting environmental harmful methods such as, burning of fossil fuels. According to Hancock, Trevor (2015), “study showed that the demise of 4.5 million in a year is as a result of contaminated air, perilous activity and disease connected with our carbon-escalated vitality framework. In the year 2030 the death rate might ascend.” (P .A8).If the use of wind energy increases, and the use of fossil fuels decreases the air would be less polluted, undoubtedly there would be lower death rates caused by air pollution, and reduction of cost for the government. In addition, wind turbines does not require the use of water or…

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