The Importance Of Wind Power Management

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According to Lemming (2009), maintenance support function plays an important role in obtaining and maintaining competitive advantage aspect. All stakeholders in this project should recognize the role of maintenance in obtaining sustainable and competitive energy supply, which is very important. Wind farm owners should be connected with operators and original equipment manufacturers closely to design better maintenance of wind-based power equipment. Furthermore, it is also need to research efficient and effective manner to service wind power generation system. In this project, in order to calculate the maintenance cost, right maintenance strategy of wind power systems must be established, and provide a safe, sustainable and competitive energy …show more content…
Maintenance personnel are very good at finding effective ways to perform daily tasks. Their suggestions and comments should be in the process of continuous improvement.
The ability of staff is to diagnose problems and select the appropriate corrective actions. Turbine manufacturers are well aware of this, generally including extensive troubleshooting chart to help employees analyze the problem. Most turbine control system includes some diagnostic information on the status of various subsystems. Some manufacturers currently focus on remote turbine & project monitoring. Professional knowledge and experience, which is contributed to the rapid narrowing of field experience and design of improved circulation.
2.5.7 High performance condition
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Comprehensive evaluation system requires the ability to reflect the impact of wind farms of various factors on the system, especially the human factors, the purpose of this paper is to analysis of a wind farm of 100 wind turbines, in order to complete the aim of the project, it is important that to establish a comprehensive evaluation system. Meanwhile, from the evaluation system can also be seen that the cost influenced by several dimensions, for instance, wind energy resources, wind turbine design and layout, wind farm construction and investment, operation and maintenance of wind farm operation. Then, I believe that with the development of science and technology, the wind farm construction and operation efficiency will be increasingly high in the

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