Wind Turbine

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Wind energy has been utilized by people since 500 and 900 B.C., to help pump water and grind grain by the Persians. As different cultures harnessed the power wind had to offer, windmills spread from Persia to the surrounding areas of the Middle East. Food Production leaned on windmills extensively. In 5,000 B.C., wind power propelled boats along the Nile River. Wind power technology spread north to the European countries, where windmills helped drain lakes and marches in the Rhine River Delta. In the 1800’s wind power helped farmers in North America pump water for irrigation systems. Windmills also generated power for homes and business. Daniel Halladay and John Burnham started the U.S. Wind Engine Company and built the Halladay Windmill, which designed the landscape of the West in the 1850’s. Around 1890 through 1894 the invention of the steel blade made the wind mill more efficient. Large windmills which are called turbines started popping up all around Denmark. Chicago World’s Fair showcases 15 windmills companies and their wind turbine designs.
By the 1940’s the largest wind turbine begins operating on
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1990/ 1992, more than 2,200 MW of wind power is installed in California; which brings more than half of the world’s cubage for wind power. As the years press on, so does the worlds need for wind power. Wind power is a money saver when it comes to paying for electricity. In 2000 wind power cost that generated electricity between four to six cents per kilowatt and went down over four cents in 2004. By 07’ wind produced enough energy to power around 2.5 million homes. It also made up about five percent of renewable energy in the U.S. Know the U.S. Dept. of energy wants everyone to go to renewable resources, so they published their 20% Wind Energy instinctive to step up the use of wind power around the

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