Use Of Magnets And Other Materials Essay

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Model Scenario
During recess on a sunny August afternoon, I noticed several of my students gathered together on the sidewalk. I walked over to see what the fascination was about, and found that one of the students had several types of magnets and other materials. The students appeared to be genuinely interested in discovering what would and would not attract to the different types of magnets. Once we returned to the classroom, several students made statements about characteristics and abilities of magnets that they believed true. As I stood back and listened, I realized that I needed to prepare a lesson on magnetism to clear up students’ misconceptions about the power of magnets.

One week later, I collected many items made from different kinds of materials and magnets of all types and sizes and placed them on the carpet. As the students entered the room, I invited them to go to the carpet and explore the materials. I stood on the outskirts and observed and listened to the conversations. After a short while, I administered a pre-assessment pictorial worksheet which asks students to predict whether or not a magnet would be attracted to certain items on the page. The students responded by writing “yes” if they thought the pictured item would attract to the magnet and “no” if they believed it would not attract to the magnet.

Later the same day, I viewed the assessment and used the information to guide the following lesson.

Scientific inquiry is a “minds on”…

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