Essay Use Of Information Systems And Information Technology

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Study Design
In today’s modern world, e-commerce is becoming the new idea. Companies are cutting back on costs, and implementing information systems to do the remedial work. The research question is, does the use of information systems and information technology give a business the competitive advantage needed to succeed? In this field study, data will be collected to determine if using information technology does in fact help a business. The null hypothesis is, information technology does not help a business. The alternate hypothesis is, information technology does in fact help a business. In this study, data such as a business’s revenue, customer satisfaction, productivity rate, and overall success of a company. Questionnaires will be sent out to all businesses as well as corresponding customers.
Population and Sample The population for this study is comprised of every major and minor business in the United States of America. This study will utilize a simple random sampling method. A simple random sampling method accounts for every individual, and each individual has an equal chance of being selected. This helps decrease the degree of bias within the study.
Variables and Measures The independent variables for this study will be revenue, customer satisfaction, and productivity rate.
1. Revenue will be collected via official documentation presented by the Internal Revenue Service for the year 2016. These numbers cannot be altered, and will be an exact number. It will be…

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