Use Of An Online Self Assessment Tool And Our Course Manual Essay

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This paper explores different types of leadership styles through the use of an online self-assessment tool and our course manual. The articles vary in explaining different types of leaders and their style. There isn’t one article that can pin point the best leadership style a person should possess in order to be a great leader. According to Cherry and Jacob (2011) “Leadership is a combination of intrinsic personality traits, learned leadership skills, and characteristics of the situation” (p. 287). I interpret a leader as one who oversees the work of others while working along-side their employees having good communication skills, excellent listening skills, and providing motivation in order to make their group function more efficiently. They must lead an honest life and set an example for their followers. The understanding is that there is no one particular leadership style that makes a great leader.

My Leadership Legacy Results
My results stated that I have the following characteristics for being a leader, ambassador, advocate, people mover, truth seeker, creative builder, and experienced guide. This suggest that I have the ability to handle a variety of situations with grace, act as a spokesperson for my team, motivate, level the playing field by finding the truth, very driven and an ability to listen and look at a situation from all points of view. I do agree with most of it as I have been in a leadership position before. I was a Senior Phlebotomist at a plasma…

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