Essay on Urban Area From Parks, And Residential Areas

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There is also HGV showing up in the middle of the urban area from parks, and residential areas. We can see it as a light red throughout these areas because of mixed pixels. The area is urban/residential but the large Landsat 30m pixels include HGV, roads and buildings so many they show up as a grayish red. In figure 7 the white arrow is pointing to Brown Garden Resort (منتزة السمراء) that is at the center of figure 5. We can see how brightly it shows up because of the HGV. This region is a very dry aired area that has a normal desert condition of varying temperatures. Looking at Satellite images I was intrigued by the level of HGV that was showing up around the area. Also, how large urban centers like Ha’il could prosper without relative water sources.
The area has no visible water source from satellite images or that showed up in a land cover classification (Hereher). Many of the water features in the image are dry stream beds and manmade water containment features (Al-Naeem). The water source for this area comes from underground water that was trapped millions of years ago (Asiry Pg. 682). It is a nonrenewable resource do to the very low regeneration rate (Asiry Pg. 682). The water is irrigated into the city and agricultural areas by artesian wells that are between 100 to 900m (328 to 2953ft) deep (Asiry Pg. 681).
Second, the agricultural area that dots the northern part of the plains is quite eye catching and is the main reason I looked into this area. The fields are…

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