Unwind In Movies

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With all of the time people spend working, it 's no wonder that our society is feeling the stress of overworking. People are becoming exhausted before even starting their day. The lives of millions of individuals revolve around school and careers, leaving little to no time for relaxation and recuperation. Thanks to the wonders of technology, our society has found a way to unwind: movies. While movies have been around since the 1890 's, the world has only recently taken leaps of faith into the industry, creating film after film of fantastic CGI animations, action-filled plots, and heart-wrenching characters. Films have become a way for individuals to relax after a long day 's work, and the ease of which you can access them has become beneficial to our 'busy-bee ' lifestyles. While cinemas have offered the newest movies in their theaters for years, applications such as Netflix and Hulu have made movie night a …show more content…
For years, people have been rushing to the theaters when a new action movie surfaces, bringing with them innumerable opinions and expectations. These theaters offer the newest films and actors, paving the way for other movies and more modern ideas. The iconic big screen and surround sound attracts crowds from all over the world, while the large seating area provides plenty of space for the multitude of people. While the cinema only shows a meager supply of movies, they compromise for this lack by showing the newest movies available. More often than not, theaters offer large parking lots, a sizable seating area, and breath-taking video quality for the convenience of their customers. Theaters offer the most recent releases in movies, where most websites, applications, and other technological devices must wait months to publish these films. Each theater, though different in style, attempts to convenience their customers in whatever way

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