University And Oklahoma State University Essay

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Senior Research Paper In life you’re faced with all kinds of decisions that could change your life for good. Going out of high school to college is a decision that could change your life forever. You want to go a college that is going to prepare you for the professional world and the university that is going to fit you best. Which university is going to make you the best adult you can be. I am comparing Vanderbilt University and Oklahoma State University. Some of the things that can persuade my decision on which University to go to are the Academics and also the student life while on campus. I am going to list some information on both of these universities what all goes on campus and how to get on the campus. Oklahoma is a very historical college this is a reason it is called an agriculture college. Which means the student go to this school to learn farming skills. The baseball team doesn’t hire a field crew to take care of the field they just have student in the agriculture department come out and work on the field as practice for their major. Now Vanderbilt is a much older college this college was made and cost one million dollars in 1873. Vanderbilt provides a gate way to greatness as the Vanderbilt website expresses its greatness. Oklahoma State was started in 1890 at an opera house when Governor Gorge W. Steele signed legislation establishing and Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College in Payne County. The cool thing about Vanderbilt is that there alumni can be…

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