Essay on United States History And History

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Actually, I am still in the most challenging academic course I have taken to date, AP United States History (APUSH). APUSH has been difficult for me due to the fact that I had very little knowledge of US history preceding my enrollment in the class. Furthermore, prior to this class I had never really had to study extensively to maintain high marks. APUSH has been different. Having little knowledge of this material, I have had to spend much more time studying. Along with the required course work and studying that I do every night I have been using supplementary tools that have helped me gain an edge on the course. For instance, instead of just reading the textbook which I do anyways, I read in depth explanations of the chapters from APUSH teachers and look at the impact of certain situations in the long term. This strategy has been the main way I have coped with the challenge of APUSH and it has allowed me to maintain my high mark Modus Operandi.
5. Thankfully, there have not been any circumstances that have negatively affected my performance in high school. Positively however, I have grown up pretty privileged and I like to believe that I have used this to my advantage. For example I have always been lucky enough to have good access to the internet and I have used this to my advantage by researching things on the computer and being able to type school papers at my house on my own time. Furthermore, my privileged socioeconomic life has allowed me to have the wonderful…

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