United States Debt in Which They Are Responsible for Essay

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The United States deficit contributes to its debt and the debt contributes to the deficit. We know the longest running uninterrupted surplus for the Unites States was from 1920 to 1930 but spent most of it combating the war. This will show how the U.S. deficits, debt, and surplus affect the following areas; the taxpayers, future social security and Medicare users, unemployed individuals, University of Phoenix students, The United States financial reputation on an international level, a domestic automobile manufacturer (exporter), and a Italian clothing company (importer).
This will show how the debt and deficit affects taxpayers. Taxpayers get caught up in the government debt and are left to pay it off. Individual debt
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The United States deficit and the unemployment The unemployed are not just the people receiving government checks for being out of work. There are many people that have been, laid off from previous jobs making good wages, but now they are working and receiving minimum wage or only working part-time jobs, these people are considered underemployed. To the unemployed Americans it would seem that the government is more worried about stopping the Federal deficit. As of January 16, 2013 there are more people unemployed or underemployed than there was in 2001. This is all because of trade deficit, which has caused the economic policy to fail.

(Bernstein, Jared (2012) The United States has imported more than exported goods since 1975. The White House officials have estimated that when goods are of $1 Billion exported 5,000 jobs are created in the economy, when they are imported the same $1 Billion goods then 9,000 jobs are lost in the economy. As of January 2013, the United States owes China alone $1.16 Trillion for those imports alone we lost over 90,000 jobs. If more goods were produced in the United States instead of imported the United States businesses could sell more the consumers here in the United States and decrease the trade deficit, this would stop the United States from relying on foreign supplies and that would help the National Security. Then there is the

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