United States And The Soviet Union Essay

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It is the year 1945, and I, Allied Commander Dwight David Eisenhower, face an epoch of United States history which contains a war between nations and the sacrifice of my men. As of the time being, my troops have reached the Elbe River in Germany, and the largest threat posed to my men regards the location of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union’s Red Army, located 40 miles outside of Berlin, Germany, have vowed to subdue any territory they have obtained following the coda of the Second World War, producing communist control in said territories. As the Soviets located in Berlin march closer to the American Army, I, Dwight Eisenhower, must carefully scrutinize my plans regarding a possible attack upon the Soviets in Berlin, and how this may contradict my moral principles as Supreme Commander.
If I choose to order my army across the Elbe River, my men may annihilate the Soviet Union and obstruct them from conquering Berlin and shaping it into an area dominated by Communism; however, the relocation to Berlin may serve as a sacrifice in which hundreds of thousands of soldiers may be slaughtered. If I choose to spare the lives of my men and avoid Berlin at all costs, the Soviet Union may alter the path of foreign affairs permanently.
For the sake of both Axis and Allied countries, I, Dwight D. Eisenhower, choose to send my men to Berlin in hopes of abolishing the potential chance of the rise in Communism. Consequently, I must also decide upon other conflicts that contradict my…

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