Essay on United States and North America

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1) Broadly trace the major phases of pre-Columbian Native American history as charted by archaeologists and anthropologists. 2) Contrast the views of Europeans of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries with those of Native Americans and Africans they encountered on such topics as the environment, social relations, religious beliefs, and slavery. Which group do you consider "savage/ "heathen/ or "barbarian"? Explain. 3) What factors contributed to the rise of modern Europe and an age of expansionism from 1000 to 1600 C. E.? Contrast the political and economic changes in England with those of her European counterparts during this time. _


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4) Within a single generation of
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11) Did European colonists "settle" North America or "invade" it? Analyzethe areas of, and reasons for, both successful and failed relations between the colonists and the Native Americans. 12) Analyze the reasons for and the results of the attempts of colonial elites to foster stability in the American colonies during the seventeenth century. and political


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13) Discuss the factors that contributed to a population explosion in North America from 1680 to 1750. How and why did immigrants of the eighteenth century differ from those of the previous century? Did America prove to be their land of opportunity? 14) Discuss the various ways by which slaves might have resisted the institution of slavery in the American colonies. What impacts did religion and family have upon slave resistance? 15) How did population growth, economic colonial cities during the eighteenth century? and new ways of thinking affect life in American

16) Analyze the causes and consequences of the Great Awakening. Was the Great Awakening a "conservative" or a "liberal" movement? 17) Discuss the causes and important developments of the Seven Years' War in North America. Analyze the consequences of the war for the various "winners" and "losers." 18) Discuss the proposed program of George Grenville in 1764-1765 to raise revenue to reduce England's debts. How and why did the Stamp Act politicize American colonists as never

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