Benvenuti Al Sud Analysis

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The Benvenuti al sud/nord movies are directed by Luca Miniero there movies focus on the stereotypes that the people in southern Italy have about the northern part of Italy and what the northern part of Italy think about the southerners. The movies explore the different stereotypes from work ethic to
Benvenuti al sud is a comedy from 2010 about a postal worker in northern Italy who has been transferred south to a town called Castabelle. At the beginning of the film he is trying to get transferred to Milan, even pretending that he is in a wheelchair to gain the sympathies of his superiors. However, when he is caught lying he is transferred South, much to the dismay of his wife. The movie revolves around stereotypes of both the North and South, but mainly follows the postal workers expectations of what the South will be like and how his new life changes those stereotypes.
Benvenuti al nord- Now in the Far North (i.e. Milan!), Alberto has accepted to manage a
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For the southerners the days usually started a bit later and they go home for lunch and then go back to work at about 4.30. Compared with the north it was all busy and on a schedule with no tolerance of lateness. This is shown when Matia turned up late for work on the first day and when Mattia suggested going out for dinner, usually in the south it would be just an easy yes, but in the north everyone had to check their calendars.
Another stereotype was the Mafia, shown when Alberto gets transferred to the south to Castellabate. Alberto loaded his car with fire extinguishers, a sunscreen with a high protection (for the sun), body armour (for the mafia and theft), mousetraps (for the “giant” rats), and have hidden the wedding ring of gold, and its clock value. Alberto discovered that the post office opening hours catered for the

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