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Unit 1
Promote Positive Behaviour

1.1 Legislation is a set of laws that have been created by the government to make sure all childcare settings are run correctly. To promote positive behaviour, legislation’s such as the Children Act 1989, Human Rights Act 1998, Every Child Matters 2004, Equality Act 2010 and the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 are followed by the setting. These Act’s include rules and regulations that a setting is required to follow in order to promote positive behaviour.

All settings also follow Frameworks that are set by different companies that work with childcare settings. For example, the EYFS have a framework that requires any setting that works with children between 0 – 5 years, to follow so that the
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Staff should be first aid trained so that if injuries occurred someone can deal with them quickly, correctly and safely.

2.1 Proactive strategies are systems put into place to deal with behaviour difficulties that may arise. These are pre-planned strategies that are created from the start so that children (and staff) are aware of what is expected within the setting. These are created from previous risk assessments and the rules within the setting so that we are aware of things that may go wrong and how we should deal with them when it does or prevent it from happening all together.

Reactive strategies are strategies that are taken to deal with a situation at present time. We will respond to the situation itself, whose involved, how and why its happened, how we can deal with it safely and prevent it from happening again.

The difference between the two is that proactive strategies are planned to try and stop challenging behaviour and help guide children to what is expected whereas reactive strategies are the way we react and deal with the situation at the time is happens. Proactive strategies can be formed from reactive strategies if they re-occur, risk assessments can be done and a strategy can be created to stop it happening over and over again.

2.2 Proactive strategies within my setting:
Codes of Practice
Inside rules
Outside rules / equipment rules
Rules chosen by the

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