Unit 4222-201 Introduction to Communication in Health, Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Setting (Shc 21)

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QCF Level 2

Unit 4222-201 Introduction to communication in health, social care or children’s and young people’s setting (SHC 21)

Assessment Criteria

Outcome 1 – Understand why communication is important in the work setting

1. Identify different reasons why people communicate

• People communicate so job the job can be done properly, by communicating this can also improve relationship and promote team work. At work I speak to my colleagues during work so the job can be done easily and efficiently. I think that speaking during working hours can improve working relationship and promote team work. I also speak to the clients during work hours so I will know if they need any help or assistance. By speaking to them I
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By doing so this could improve communication in work and promote efficient and effective teamwork. I should speak to clients like this as it could also promote working relationship and will make clients speak to me more often without feeling intimidated. I should also speak clearly to my colleagues during working hours so mistakes and accidents can be prevented. I should also listen carefully and tentatively so the person speaking to me wouldn’t feel that they are being ignored or cause misunderstandings.

3. Demonstrate ways to check that communication has been understood

• When a client is speaking to me, I should listen carefully and if I am in doubt or didn’t understand what they said, I should ask them again to repeat it to prevent misunderstanding. I should also do the same when a colleague is speaking to me, as this will improve communication at work; promote team work which will make the job easier. I should listen to carefully when information is being given to prevent mistakes or accidents from happening as this could lead to other problems such as conflict of opinions and emotional feelings.

4. Identify sources of information and support or services to enable more effective communication

• I should ask the head of training for information regarding speech and language services. I should attend

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