Unit 4 Business Level 3 Assignment 4 Essay

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Unit 4 Assignment 4
Non- electronic communication involves the distribution of a message usually in the form of: Reports, Letters, Flow Charts, Invoices and even Verbal Communication amongst employees. This form of communicating is not as popular as it once was, but it provides businesses with other avenues to communicate instead of electronic communication. Furthermore, different types of communication suit contrasting businesses in addition to, the preference of people involved within a business.
What Is Non- Electronic Communication?
Electronic and Non- Electronic Sources of Business Information
Sources of business information can come in a variety of different forms which include: Newspapers, Websites, Books, Posters, Directories,
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BT communicate both internally and externally, therefore the type of business information that is distributed between customers/ employees will of course differentiate depending on the situation. For example, BT would need to make both customers and employees aware of any new products are services available. Moreover, BT must meet the audience requirements for all of their members of staff, suppliers, investors, shareholders, clients and customers etc.
Internally a large business like BT will only deliver specific business information to the members of staff it concerns. For example, information on the businesses annual profits will only be delivered to individuals at the top of the companies structure e.g. directors and shareholders. But the information must be provided in a way that suits that specific individual. If one of the directors, for example is visually impaired (partially sighted) handing them reports, leaflets, or PowerPoint's etc. in small font will not cater to his/her needs. BT are then held responsible for providing the individual with the information displayed with larger font used and striking colours in order for the content to be made visible. At times verbal communication would be an effective alternative and an appropriate way of communication with the visually impaired individual. Using resources such as audio clips would be of great

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