Unit 39 - International Business Essay

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Unit 39 – International Business

You are employed by the local Business Development Agency and have been asked to independently research international business in relation to an international case study business of your choice. From your research you are required to put together a research report document which can be used to assist businesses who are considering trading internationally. Your work should be a result of your own independent research and contain references throughout and a bibliography. Your research should follow the guidelines set and give your own supported judgement where indicated.

Learning Outcomes 1. Understand the international business environment 2. Know how cultural differences affect
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Imports & Exports b. Joint ventures (Eg. Tesco in China) c. Outsourcing (e.g. call centres) d. Competition from foreign firms (Eg. Tesco & Aldi) e. Production plants set up abroad (JLR in China & Brazil) f. Mergers & Takeovers (JLR and Tata)
Task 2 covers P2 & M1 – hand in date – 2/5/2014
P2 – Describe the mechanisms that regulate international trade 1. Consider factors that encourage/restrict international trade by explaining the following terms, how would each affect your chosen business? Can you find any examples to support how your business has been affected by each a. Free trade b. Barriers to trade c. Quotas d. Tariffs e. Embargoes f. Economic Blocs (e.g. EU, WTO) g. EMU 2. You should consider how membership of the EU encourages international trade and the impact of the UK not being a full member of the EMU

M1 – Assess the methods to increase trade between countries and the methods to restrict trade between countries 3. For M1, for each of the above assess the methods; a. What is its purpose? b. How and why might each be used? c. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each method?

Task 3 – Covers P3,M2 and D2 -9/5/2014
P3 – Describe how the environment and culture of another country affects a business operating internationally 4. Undertake a PESTEL analysis on two countries, one

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