Four Reasons Hrm Should Be Involved In Strategic Planning

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Future Trends If business’s want to grow they must be open to considering their global options. Dr. Ian Pearson. a renowned futurologist shared his views on the EY online website, what the business world would be like in the year 2020. He listed the “six most influential trends” (Pearson) that he thinks will redefine business success as we know it. First he states that with the “increasing political and economic dominance of emerging markets will cause global companies to rethink and customize their corporate strategies.” (Pearson) Each business must look at their business plan and determine how political and economic dominance effects their plan, and how they must customize their corporate strategies to fit in this environment. His second …show more content…
Michael D. Haberman wrote in the online blog “Four Reasons HR Should Be Involved In Strategic Planning”(Haberman) “No one has a better understanding of the “Human” (Haberman) than the HR department. Over the years the face of the workforce has changed dramatically. According to Haberman, today HR must consider different races, ages, education levels, gender status, and religions. Found on the “” website is useful information for developing criteria that is needed when searching for employees to fill your job vacancies. Within the guidelines of the planning committee, HR must consider what “knowledge, skills, qualifications and experience are essential for a new employee.” ( The HR department must also know which type of candidate fits in the organization and is suitable for the position. Making sure that all job descriptions do not discriminate against any protected class, yet at the same time make sure that the description is specific and job related. “” points out that when developing a job description the HR must know how quick the position must be filled, how many candidates does the CEO want to interview? What skills and education must the applicant have to qualify? Once a job description has been developed, and the planning committee has approved the posting, the Human Resources Department must determine how they are going to conduct their search. There are many options that HR can use, one is posting the position as an in house posting, or using the internet to advertise and accept applications, outsourcing this task to a recruiter may be an option, or maybe HR will choose to go a traditional route and use print advertising for the

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