Unit 2 Equality, Diversity And Rights Within Health And Social Care Essay

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Unit 2 – Equality, Diversity and Rights within Health and Social Care

For this task, I am going to explain how two national initiatives promote anti-discriminatory practice.

Sex discrimination act 1975
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For example, in a doctor’s surgery if a young adult was brought up to think that men and women were not equal in their society; they would think this is normal whereas the society they live in is completely different. For instance, in a doctor’s surgery, if a woman was brought up to think that women are not equal to men and men are better. Then if she came into her GP surgery and got the last appointment of the day, and there was a man after her wanting an appointment, she would then swap her appointment for another day even if she has a serious condition, just because she thought the man deserved it better than her. This therefor would mean that the women would have to suspend her appointment to another day, therefore her illness would deteriorate and could become even more ill than she needed to be just because she gave her appointment away to the man just because he apparently has the right to have it because of his gender. Then when she does go to the doctor, the doctor would say to her she should have come to them earlier when her illness was in the earlier stages as it would be easier to be dealt …show more content…
You first could give a verbal or written warning to the female care worker because they have done something against the rules of their job and of which they cannot break. This is a good way in which discriminatory practice can be overcome because this gives the fear to that care worker that if they do it again they could lose their job due to putting the males priorities in front of the women’s.
2. Second of all, you could give that care worker a training session on ant-discriminatory practice and how to stop discriminatory practice. This would be an effective way to overcome discriminatory practice because it teaches the individual how to behave in their job and to treat everyone as equals and not to favourite some people over

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