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Unit 2 Activity 1. Log on to any social networking site, like Facebook, and identify culture. Make a list of the values of that culture. How are they different from or similar to the values discussion from our chapter? Facebook, a social networking site, had norms, languages, gestures, values, behaviors, material objects, and beliefs that any other culture would have. A belief on Facebook is that the more friends, likes, comments, or posts you have, the more popular you are. When and

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Society is made fro the people who live in it, to work together in one accord, not individually focused on themselves and only themselves. Individualism is really an idea full of conflict for those who follow in its footsteps.

4. How can a business benefit from the McDonaldization process?
McDonaldization can benefit a business in a number of ways. “McDonaldization occurs when a culture possesses the characteristics of a fast-food restaurant.” (Wikipedia.org p.1). Basically mcdonaldization is when a culture begins to grow exponentially like a fast food restaurant might. McDonaldization is highlighted in 4 major areas: Calculability, which says that the goal should be quantifiable rather than subjective; Efficiency, which is the fastest way to accomplish a task; Technology, where a business can gain more control by utilizing today’s technology and eliminating human error; and Predictability, which means that task are highly repetitive and the same throughout.
The benefits of mcdonaldization to a business are that a business can become calculable, efficient, predictable, and technological. By stressing the importance of all 4 of these areas, a business can grow quickly and gain a large crowd, as the famous McDonalds has. By becoming calculable, a business can gain more sales or business, without really worrying about the quality of work. Becoming efficient allows them to quickly deal with each customer
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